About Us

The hearing healthcare industry has made incredible advancements in recent years and offers patients a range of treatments and products to help with nearly every hearing concern. However, patient success can vary as best practices are often tossed by the wayside and an easy approach to care is adopted far too often.

At Applied Hearing Solutions we’re aiming to change that, as we work with each patient on a case by case basis to fully address their hearing concerns. Dr. Olson uses extreme precision and an incredible level of attention to detail when creating a treatment plan, ensuring that you have a successful experience and can once again enjoy listening to music, conversing with friends, and so much more.

Our staff is experienced in working with individuals with complex hearing concerns, so no matter what symptoms or challenges are in your way, we’ll diligently create a solution that meets your needs. Rather than making general recommendations, Dr. Olson draws on the latest industry expertise and an innovative approach to treatment to thoroughly assess your hearing ability. Dr. Olson empowers his patients by making hearing loss and treatment options easy to understand, so that you can be confident in knowing that you’re receiving the best treatment for you.

We put the power of hearing healthcare in your hands, as we believe that patient education is crucial to your success. Our role is to present patients with the information they need to navigate this new area of their lives.

Dr. Olson and the staff at Applied Hearing Solutions exhibits an extremely high patient success rate due to our adherence to best practices and our concierge approach to hearing healthcare. Contact us today for the expert care you’ve been waiting for.